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CJK Electrical is a multi-faceted electrical company providing a wide range of electrical services to the residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors across Sydney and greater NSW

Electrical Services Installations

Security & Access Control

Audio Visual Services

Systems Integration

Power Distribution Systems

Electrical Design

Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 2

Routine Service & Maintenance

Certification & Warranty

Communications & Data


Dry Fire Services

Energy Efficiency & Management

Our Commitment To Quality

At CJK Electrical we are all responsible for and committed to quality and continuous improvement. We pledge to deliver the highest quality services to ensure the requirements and expectations of our customers are met. We are committed to maintain the effectiveness and improvement of the quality management system through quality objectives and continual renew. We are committed to keeping our employees and visitors safe.

Our Safety

CJK Electrical has experienced no LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) in 5 years as an organisation. We are proud of this and that is what we continue to strive towards.

Our Projects

CJK Electrical delivers in partnership with all different facets of the construction industry. Our highly trained expert staff can help you solve problems along the way and produce solutions to meet your changing needs over the length of your project.